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We Don’t Profit Until You Profit — 100% Performance Based Partnerships

Struggling to see tangible results from your SEO investments? At Digital Rainmaker, we deliver where others just promise.

Our performance-based SEO model focuses on measurable results—boosting site visibility, increasing organic conversions, and growing your MQLs by leveraging advanced SEO techniques.

As leaders in performance-based SEO, we stand out as one of the few agencies truly excelling in performance driven results. We succeed only when you do, ensuring that our strategies consistently deliver tangible, profitable results for your business.

Partner with us and see the results for yourself.

Our Unique Approach:

We believe in forging long term partnerships that allows us to build a lasting foundation for success. We start of strong identifying quick wins for good signs of success, while laying the foundation for long term success.

Coming on as a partner allows us to immerse ourselves in the runnings of the business and the current marketing approach. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your online presence is aligned and optimized for maximum impact and conversion.

Our strategy zeroes in on increasing visibility, enhancing conversions, and achieving sustainable growth. We sidestep vanity metrics and instead, deliver tangible results that genuinely benefit your business’s bottom line.

Your success drives ours. Our performance based model ensures we’re only successful when we deliver results that benefit your business, solidifying our commitment to your profitability

Want to know if we are a good fit? Let’s have a 15-minute discovery call.

What to expect:




10-15 Minute Discovery Call 

We work out if we are a good fit for each other. We gather information on your goals, current setup and target market.

Analysis and Strategy 

We thoroughly analyze your website’s performance, setup, and market competition to identify effective strategies and potential issues.

Proposal Call

 We run over the analysis and future strategy, discuss pricing, and address your queries. Then, we set out to turn your site into a search engine powerhouse.

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Three Models Explained

How it works:

Discovery Call

This initial conversation is crucial to determine if we're the right fit for each other and to ensure our strategies align with your business objectives.

Strategy and Partnership Proposal

After assessing your needs, we'll outline a strategic plan tailored to your goals. This includes a detailed action plan, key performance based metrics, and our partnership dynamics.

Campaign Launch

Once aligned, we swiftly launch your customized SEO strategy. Our full-stack SEO team will handle all aspects—from consultation to execution—leaving you to focus on running your business.

Watch the Results Roll In

You’ll start to see some early signs of success within the first few months, before the flood of conversions start to occur. 

Results that continue to compound

We only profit when you profit and our commitment to your growth doesn’t end with initial success. We continuously optimize our strategies to maximize your returns, ensuring SEO remains a lucrative channel for your business.


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Monthly Reporting Calls✓️✓️✓️
In-house Content and Linkbuilding Production✓️✓️
Monthly Transparent performance tracking✓️✓️
Experienced SEO account manager✓️✓️
Continuous support and consultation✓️✓️
Long-term vision with short-term Wins✓️✓️
Flexible strategies built for scalability✓️
Programmatic SEO✓️
Revenue Focussed Tracking✓️
Full stack SEO team✓️
24/7 Slack Support✓️
Fast-paced execution✓️
CRO optimization✓️
Digital PR✓️
Performance Driven SEO✓️

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. 

There are three different models:

  • The performance model will involve us funding all the work involved. This means you only pay on performance. 
  • Hybrid will involve a payment of raw costs/small retainer + performance payment.
  • Then the New Revenue Stream model will involve no payment from your side. Instead, we pay you based on the results we’ve been able to deliver from the new sub-directory we’ve added. 

For the hybrid or standard performance model, we will work to drive both MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and conversions. Focusing on both will yield the best results. 

We have attribution software which will be used for both parties to be able to accurately attribute leads and conversions. 

The reason we use software is GA4 has a 90 day attribution limit, they removed first touch attribution recently and the software gives us far more insights and has better UI. 

The software will also give you total visibility of other channels, so you can accurately calculate which one is the most profitable and where improvements can be made. 

Typically first touch. 

This means if visitors come back to the site to make a purchase, after first being exposed to an ad, we don’t get credit for it. 

On the other hand, if a visitor first arrives through an organic search result and then signs up through a lead form after being retargeted by a paid ad, we take credit for that lead. 

This is open to discussion though and will vary depending on the partner’s business model and goals. 

Typically, you’ll need an annual revenue over $1M. 

We specialize in multiple industries, but enjoy working with either high-end & high-margin services/products or SAAS. 

Full end-to-end SEO management and web development:

  • Web design 
  • Web development 
  • CRO 
  • Link building 
  • Digital PR
  • Content creation
  • Blog uploading 
  • Landing page creation 
  • On page SEO 
  • Content editing 
  • Technical SEO 

Most of the time, you will only need to cover the raw costs. 

We come on board at a fraction of the cost of a typical agency and work ten times harder. 

These costs involve:

  • Linkbuilding costs to pay webmasters after negotiations are complete.
  • Raw costs of our team to operate on your SEO – we don’t profit off this at all.
  • Attribution Software – this can be used to enhance your marketing as a whole as well as allow us to accurately calculate the results driven from our efforts.

Interested in partnering with us?

We have the team to take your business to the next level - with a low risk performance based model.