About Us

We don't give you fluff, we give you leads, traffic and sales.
Specialising in SEO, Web Development & Content Marketing.


Who we are

We have an ambitious and flexible team that understands how to get results. 

We can start being the digital marketing extension your business needs and put the plan in place which will not only take you to the next level, but will also free up time so you can be doing the things that matter most to you and your business.  So whatever you might require us for, get in touch today. 

Our Team

A small team built on the desire to leave businesses we believe in, in a better place than where we found them.

Head of Content: Scarlett

Specialist area: Content planning, PR and copy writing

Director: Charlie

Specialist areas: SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy

Graphic Designer: Millie

Specialist areas: Graphics, animations and design

Developer : Umair Aziz

Specialist area: Full stack developer ​

Interested in taking your business to the next level?

Head of PPC: Theo

Specialist areas: Paid ads

Problems our clients face

Since starting Digital Rainmaker, we have seen common themes for almost all of our clients, no matter the industry or niche. 

Lack of marketing resources

  • Lack of human resources 
  • Lack of time resources

Performance is subpar

  • Website quality is lacking 
  • Content quality is poor 

Poor experience previously

  • Put off from experiences with previous agencies 
  • Overpromised and underdelivered 

Unclear plan

  • Nothing that links marketing efforts together 
  • No clear funnel 
In order to tackle these issues and fully unlock their businesses potential, it became obvious what we needed to be doing more. Our approach has since proven to work, with great results for any small to medium sized business.
It involves a holistic approach to our clients digital marketing, where we act as an extension to your team. Even if we are only required for one job, we still have to plan the funnel and process alongside our client. This way, we not only understand the ins and outs of the business and industry, but also are able to maximise results with any task we are undertaking. 

Let's work together.

We have the team, to take you to the next level.