Using Google To Understand Search Intent

Getting to grips with search intent is vital for any business looking to improve its online content strategy. Since the introduction of Google’s Bert update sites which have not understood or focussed on search intent have suffered considerably. In short, the Bert update improves the way Google understands and analyzes search queries, making search intent […]

5 SEO Issues That Are Killing Your Shopify SEO

There is a lot out there on keyword research, title tags, on page content etc. so were not going to bore you with the fundamentals of SEO. Instead we want you to know these 5  areas your average digital marketing youtuber or part time seo blogger won’t be talking about when it comes to Shopify […]

Crosslinking for Seo: What Is It and How to Do It?

Cross Linking for Seo

“Crosslinking” is a term used in two ways when talking about websites. Although both processes are designed to improve a website’s Google rankings, they do so in very different ways.  Within this blog, we are going to focus on the internal linking – cross linking method as opposed to the crosslinking of two websites. However, […]

The Key Fundamentals Of Content Clustering

You’ve finally got your act together on the marketing front – or so you think. From paid ads to SEO, blogs, and email campaigns, you’re seemingly on the ball; proud of your carefully crafted plan, convinced you’ve solved the content puzzle. So, when you come across a blog that highlights a new and effective marketing […]

The History Of SEO And What Its Future

HoldsSEO in 2021- is it worth it? With the rise of paid media, ads and platforms like TikTok, there’s been a conversation around whether SEO is becoming outdated. However, irrelevant of how much websites now rely on alternative online advertising, being able to rank organically above your competitors, is an almost irreplaceable asset to your […]

How Do I Optimise a Website For Voice Search?

In 2021, voice search is becoming more and more important in SEO. Devices like Amazon Alexas and Google Homes are becoming increasingly more popular and as a result, more people are asking virtual assistants questions, instead of typing them up. As usual, search engines are keeping up with these trends, and making compatibility for voice […]