Crosslinking for Seo: What Is It and How to Do It?

Cross Linking for Seo

“Crosslinking” is a term used in two ways when talking about websites. Although both processes are designed to improve a website’s Google rankings, they do so in very different ways.  Within this blog, we are going to focus on the internal linking – cross linking method as opposed to the crosslinking of two websites. However, […]

How to verify my Google My Business without a postcard?

How To Verify Google My Business Without A Postcard Table of Contents The primary way Google will try to verify your business is through a postcard. This however is not always as simple as it first seems. It has become a bit of an occurrence for many of the businesses we manage, that the postcards […]

The Truth About Blogging For Local SEO

Table of Contents ‘Content is king’, is a saying you will hear on a regular basis amongst SEO’s, and in the large majority of cases, this is true. However, when it comes to local SEO you will come across numerous websites ranking in the top three, with minimal content and no blog page. As Google ranks […]

Is Googles Greed Changing Local SEO Forever?

Table of Contents Over time Google tests and adjusts, to find this optimum. Not only for the user but also to identify the point at which businesses are most likely to spend in order to rank above their competitors. This has led to a constant increase in costs year-on-year for businesses operating on Google, for […]

How to rank higher in google maps in 2021

How to rank in Google Maps in 2021 Table of Contents Why Google Maps Ranking is Important Google maps ranking without a doubt is the most important element of local SEO. This is backed up by numerous studies, such as the one ran by Moz that indicates that 40% of clicks are allocated to the […]

The why and how to local SEO for Plumbing and HVAC companies

For Plumbers and HVAC companies the need for being geographically focussed on search engines is vital for receiving quality traffic in your working region. Local SEO for Plumbers involves optimizing your website and online properties to make it easier for nearby customers to discover your business. Strangely, with SEO being just under 40 years old, […]

Why Plumbers Need A Professional Website In 2020

You’re one of the best plumbers in your area. Years of experience; a highly-qualified team of experts; and the most affordable prices around. But business is slowing down. Why? It’s most likely your website. As everything moves online – especially right now with COVID-19 – plumbers need to revamp their online presence. Your business maybe […]