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There are a huge amount of elements which come into play for SEO. Although, specific subject areas within SEO can be seen as incredible complex, for the most part it is actually relatively simple. 

At Digital Rainmaker, we break down SEO into 5 elements:

Throughout this process we will make sure that we are driving the Expertise, Authority and Trust (E.A.T) of the website and brand. This is what google looks at when deciding how to rank your website online. Based on the industry the balance for E.A.T will change, so we have to take this into account to work out where we should place more of our efforts in order to maximise ROI.

Research and analysis

Website Audit

Not many London SEO agencies will offer out free website audits. We feel it offers great value, as it not only allows us to show are commitment & skill without any financial obligation from your end, but it also means that we have a strong foundation to work off.

We have carefully curated a detailed checklist which dives into multiple elements, such as link gap analysis, speed optimisation, silo structure, content evaluation, schema markup, GMB analysis, internal linking, sitemap creation and a lot more…. 

Competitor analysis

Understanding the environment you want to sell in, is crucial to your success. If you ignore how the competition is ranking, then being able to learn from their methods and improving upon them won’t be an option.  

This is why we spend time reverse engineering competitors backlink profiles, as well as looking into their content and seeing what Google is looking for in order to rank them at the top. Once we have this information, we can enhance their tactics, such as potentially increasing media content, depth of written content, high level PR outreach etc. It all depends upon the industry, but by taking this technique we can begin to can work out what Google wants and how to get our clients to the top. 

Keyword Research

The start of our research process begins with a thorough keyword analysis. Just like the audit, this is foundational and dictates the route we will take for the rest of the SEO process. 

Getting this right, involves understanding exactly what services, products, locations, queries and terms our clients wish to increase demand for. Then we spend time researching into the traffic and search difficulty for these particular keywords. After final consultation with our clients, we can put together the list which strikes the balance between relevancy, ranking difficulty and search traffic.

GMB Case Study

From november 2020 – October 2021 we have seen huge growth in Beco’s organic traffic. We have obtained top 10 positions for a significant amount of highly competitive keywords and are continuing to add to that list.


At Digital Rainmaker, we are firm believers that content is king. Content is not always in the form of written text, as over the years Google has placed a big emphasis on imagery and video content. Which is why we not only provide professional content writing but also video animation and infographic creation as additional services to our clients. 


Written Content

Our written content is provided by our professional in-house copywriter. We place blogging at the heart of our SEO monthly package, which has numerous benefits such as increasing indexation, keyword relevancy, expertise in that particular subject areas, etc. if you are interested in finding out a bit more you can take a look at our blog we did on the benefits of blogging. 

Example of client blogs are available upon request.


Video Content

Video content is proven to 3X page visits and 4X visit duration. As bounce rate and visitor duration are ranking factors, by using video content we are able to see almost immediate improvement on rankings. 

Examples of our video content are available on request.


Infographics come from our in house graphic designer. This again is great for user experience, as well as attracting links from other sites due to it being unique and powerful content. Given that infographics are 3X more likely to be liked and shared than any other piece of content on social media, it not only ads value to your SEO, but also your other marketing channels. We try to incorporate infographics within our clients blogs from time to time, which helps them attract more potential links.


Off-page SEO can really be broken down into link building and citations. Although there is crossover, as citations can be a good form of link building, the difference is that citations are a way of telling google that you are an established business in your specific niche and location. Where as backlinks/link building is also about establishing your authority, but not necessarily in a specific location. 

Written Content

Not all links are created equal, and some can actually do more harm than good. This is why we spend time finding relevant and authority links, which aren’t spammy. There are numerous techniques to link building and there is not one specific model which rules them all. However, some typical strategies that we take include:

  • Guest blogging 

  • Creating great content to be linked to 

  • Broken link building 

  • PDF submissions 

  • Video submissions 

  • Reverse engineering Competitor backlinks 


We like to mix up our approach, so it seems natural to Google. It is also the case that in one industry a particular back linking approach may be much more powerful than another, so we have to be wary of this and look into it during our research phase. 

Video Content

Citations are online references to your business. Most commonly they come in the form of your name, address and phone number (NAP) and are crucial for Local SEO, but are also impactful for organic SEO.

Citations don’t necessarily need to link back to your business site, as they can sometimes just be mentions of your business. However, directory citations, keeping all of your information consistent and in the same format is absolutely vital, which is why we like to carry out citation audits from time to time. This simply involves going through all previous business citations, which have been created over the years and amending the information so it is consistent and accurate. 

Citations can be in the form of business listings/directories which is the most common and effective route one can take. From there, citations can also come in the form of blogs, forums, social media sites, question and answers etc. 


By laying a strong technical foundation, it gives your content the best possible chance to rank. Technical SEO allows your site to easily be read by Google, as well as improving the website user experience through speed optimisation and structure. Without technical SEO a website can look aesthetically pleasing and right for you target audience, but if it can be understood properly by Google or load fast enough for users, then all that website quality will be lost. With Googles latest Core Web Vitals update, this is more 

When we carry out our website development, we try and implement this technical SEO from the start. However, when clients come to us with an already established website, our audit will clearly identify what we will need to spend time on within the first few months. After that we will do quarterly checks, to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

If you are wondering what our typical technical SEO checks and process includes, here are a few key elements we focus on: 

  • Speed optimisation 

  • Mobile optimisation 

  • Site silo/hierarchy changes 

  • Schema markup 

  • URL status and redirects 

  • Website migration

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