Local SEO Services in London

We have proven experience in ranking, and dominating local search

Are you a serviced based company struggling with increasing it’s calls and leads? If that’s the case then you have come to the right place. We will help you increase your online visibility, your relevance within your region and give you enough leads that you can’t handle anymore. 

GMB Case Study

Elgar Heating and Plumbing services, came to us with the aim to take their business to the next step. With heating and plumbing related search terms, we have managed to secure them at the top for the majority of their 20 target keywords. 

What is local SEO?

 ‘Local SEO’ in comparison to ‘SEO’, is the process of driving organic traffic from set locations. It’s all about affecting the visibility of a website, so you become more prominent for certain keywords/phrases in those specific locations. Ultimately, both types of SEO follow the same principles of ranking higher within search engines, however as it is evident in the name, one is Location based and the other is not. 


For every local customer or user who clicks on your site, or makes a call through Google maps, you will not be charged. So overtime as you begin to move up the rankings for more and more local keywords you will see a huge return on investment, which significantly outweighs the initial costs.

For every hour you are not visible online, your competitors are. This means you will be losing out on a huge amount of business, which will only lead to more long term losses, as the competition grows. 

Instead by investing in SEO, you begin to lay the foundations for long-term success. It is not only easier to rank on the first page of google for multiple keywords, once you begin ranking for few, but it is also hugely beneficial in terms of brand building.

We are now in an age, where almost everyone will turn to the Internet to find a service, product, or need. It used to be the case that being a local business, you could prosper from being knowledgeable in the local community and being placed In local directories like yellow pages. However, with huge organisations monopolising industries, and making it much more competitive for local businesses, it it not longer feasible to survive simply off word of mouth or traditional marketing methods. 

Our local SEO services include

Keyword Research 

We must first find the keywords which are of most relevance to the services you provide, in the locations you wish to work, whilst having sufficient search traffic to make them worthwhile to be focusing on.

Technical SEO

This is where we optimize your website for the crawling and indexing phase. As well as making sure that the site is sufficient for user experience, which Google now places a big emphasis on e.g. website speed and mobile-friendliness.

Backlinks & Citations

We make sure that our link-building process is centered around using relevant and local links, high DA sites, industry-specific directories, relevant guest posts, and many more. We don’t cut corners when it comes to link building, as this is a crucial foundation of SEO success.

Google My Business

GMB is one of the cornerstones of SEO for location-based businesses. We place a huge emphasis on making sure that your GMB page is regularly updated, active and gaining increasing exposure. As a local SEO company, this is our bread and butter!

Content Optimization

We will make sure that your website content is focussed around the keywords which are going to drive the most lucrative traffic for your site. We use a professional content writer for this, and carry out regular on-page and off-page content writing each month.

On-Page Optimization

By making sure that all pages are optimized around the keywords we have selected, to both help with conversions and search engine rankings. This can include a huge range of tasks, such as keyword density, meta tags, Alt image text etc. 

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